Using the Naturopathic principle of “treating the whole person,” Inner Song Wellness caters to the individual. Shira integrates her passion for healthy and wholesome cooking to educate the client on the importance of “food as medicine”.  Providing workshops on the basics of home cooking, batch cooking, food preparation for a busy week, herbal medicine in the kitchen, stocking your pantry with the basics to make most foods from scratch, and taking clients on trips to the market in order for them to learn the importance of seeing where their food comes from and being able to stock their pantries with the basics and necessities to prepare them on their journey toward living a healthier lifestyle.  


After the birth of her daughter, Levana, in 2018, Shira is passionate about helping new mothers during the "fourth trimester".  Helping mothers take care of their own health as well as looking after a new baby is something that gets lost in the excitement and chaos of motherhood.  


Shira is American/Israeli  and has been settled in Australia since 2012. Inner Song Wellness looks forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to optimal health!

Please message or e-mail Shira@innersongwellness.com to book your appointment now and take the first step on your journey!


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